Mirror repo of Anaconda "System installer for Fedora, RHEL and other distributions"

Updated 1 day ago

Updated 2 weeks ago

"Complete Spice Web Client written in HTML5 and Javascript Full and complete implementation of the SPICE protocol (by Red Hat) written in HTML5 and JavaScript."

Updated 4 years ago

"CopperBlue aims at providing an efficient container based desktop for powerusers without the bells and whisle of gnome/flatpak."

Updated 3 years ago

A list of official Fedora kickstart files

Updated 1 year ago

This repository contains kickstart files for Phyllome itself and its RPM-based guests

Updated 1 year ago

Mirror repo of "Kickstart-driven tests for the Anaconda installer"

Updated 1 year ago

Mirror repo of "Gogs integration with Wekan"

Updated 10 months ago

Mirror repo of the Linux Kernel

Updated 22 hours ago

Mirror repo of Virt-Manager, "Desktop tool for managing virtual machines via libvirt"

Updated 4 weeks ago

Mirror repo of "The Initial Setup utility takes care of post-installation configuration of an installed system."

Updated 5 months ago

Mirror repository of a tutorial for "Using the ACS override patch for Fedora"

Updated 2 weeks ago

Mirror repository of fscrypt, a Go tool for managing Linux filesystem encryption

Updated 16 hours ago

A tool to unlock vGPU functionality for consumer-grade GPUs.

Updated 2 years ago

"A script to Manage UEFI (secure) boot configurations"

Updated 3 years ago

Mirror repository of virtworld, which implements WoL packets for Libvirt guests

Updated 11 months ago

Mirror repository of the Weave Ignite project, "an open source Virtual Machine (VM) manager with a container UX and built-in GitOps management."

Updated 5 days ago

Build repository of fscrypt package.

Updated 1 year ago

The repository about the Rust hypervsior

Updated 23 hours ago