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wekan-gogs is a small NodeJS application than provides bidirectional communication between Wekan and Gogs.


Ship with Docker

Create a file docker-compose.yml like the following. Change the environment variables to match your setup.

version: '2'

    image: toroid/wekan-gogs
      - 7654:7654
      - wekan-gogs-db:/home/node/wekan-gogs/data
    restart: always
      - WG_WEKAN_URL=https://my-wekan.io:8081
      - WG_WEKAN_USERNAME=wuser
      - WG_WEKAN_PASSWORD=wpass
      - WG_GOGS_URL=https://my-gogs.io
      - WG_GOGS_USERNAME=guser
      - WG_GOGS_PASSWORD=gpass
      - WG_URL= # wekan-gogs server URL
      - WG_CLI=true
    stdin_open: true
    tty: true

    driver: local

Then, run docker-compose up -d. The database will be created in the named volume wekan-gogs-db.

The moment you want to use the CLI, attach to the container using docker attach {{container-name || container-id}}. Don't forget to detach using ^P^Q to avoid exiting the shell.

For the moment no UI was developed, so all actions are run through a CLI.

User guide

First Run

After you run wekan-gogs for the first time, an application is registered in Gogs and a Priority board is created in Wekan.

Add a repository for synchronization

wekan-gogs does not synchronize any repository by default. To activate the synchronization between repositories, follow these steps:

Update the repository list

wekan-gogs: sync repos
wekan-gogs: list
│ Name        │ Active │ Active (Priority) │
│ andres/test │        │                   │
│ andres/lala │        │                   │

Activate the synchronization for a repo

wekan-gogs: activate andres test
wekan-gogs: list
│ Name        │ Active │ Active (Priority) │
│ andres/test │ X      │                   │
│ andres/lala │        │                   │

This will create a board in Wekan using the following convention repo_owner/repoName. Additionally, a set of labels is created in the repository. These labels match the lists in the newly created Board and are assigned by wekan-gogs automatically upon card movement between lists. You should not assign one of these labels manually.

For the moment there are four fixed lists:

  • To Do (label kan:To Do)
  • In Progress (label kan:In Progress)
  • Review (label kan:Review)
  • Done (label kan:Done)

You can also activate the repository in priority mode. This will add a label kan:Priority to the repository. If you add that label to an issue, it will be added as a card in the Priority board.

wekan-gogs: activate --priority andres test
wekan-gogs: list
│ Name        │ Active │ Active (Priority) │
│ andres/test │ X      │ X                 │
│ andres/lala │        │                   │

Synchronize issues

wekan-gogs will automatically synchronize the issues created after activating a specific repository. However, if you have open issues in a newly activated repository, you need to synchronise them manually. The current Gogs API paginates the results, so you need to provide the page you're fetching.

wekan-gogs: sync issues andres test 1

You should now see all your issues created as cards in the To Do list, and the corresponding label assigned to them.

Need help?

wekan-gogs: help


    help [command...]                       Provides help for a given command.
    exit                                    Exits application.
    list [options]                          List repositories
    deactivate [options] <username> <repo>  Deactivate repository
    activate [options] <username> <repo>    Activate repository
    sync issues <username> <repo> <page>    Sync repository issues (only run this after activate)
    sync repos [username]                   Sync repository list

Implemented features

  • Open issue in Gogs <--> Create card in Wekan
  • Comment on issue <--> Comment on card
  • Move card to another list in Wekan --> Assign the label to issue Gogs
  • Move card in Priority board <--> Move card in repository board