A list of official Fedora kickstart files
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This project is used to manage the Fedora kickstart files used in composing Fedora release images.

The master branch is used by rawhide and each release branch is used by that release.

All changes should be made via the PR workflow.

This project is packaged in Fedora as the spin-kickstarts package allowing users to see and modify the kickstart files for their local needs.

Maintainers for each image are listed in the maintainers.toml file.

To make a release

git clone ssh://git@pagure.io/fedora-kickstarts.git fedora-kickstarts
cd fedora-kickstarts
# If you need a specific branch other than master:
git checkout BRANCHNAME
# No tag has been added yet tag HEAD with
git tag VERSION
git push --tags
# Publish the released tar ball
make publish
# Clean up the generated files:
make clean

Build logs

To see build logs go to


"Packages" tab, and filter by Fedora-Workstation-Live for example.

Technical info about the officialy released images can be found at


bug reports

Bugs should be reported to the spin-kickstarts bugzilla component: