This library provides a "Mouse, Keyboard, and Screen" to QEMU using the D-Bus device support in QEMU and GTK 4.
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This library provides a "Mouse, Keyboard, and Screen" to QEMU using the D-Bus device support in QEMU and GTK 4.


Nightly documentation can be found here.

Unit testing

Be sure you have lcov package installed on your system if you want coverage data.

meson setup builddir
meson configure -Db_coverage=true builddir  # if you want to collect coverage data
meson compile -C builddir
meson test -C builddir --suit "libmks"
rm -rf builddir/subprojects  # if you don't want subprojects coverage in the report
ninja coverage-html -C builddir  # if you want to generate coverage report

If generated, coverage report will be in builddir/meson-logs/coveragereport/index.html


By default, QEMU will connect to your user session D-Bus if you do not provide an address for -display dbus. Therefore, it is pretty easy to test things by running QEMU manually and then connecting with the test program ./tools/mks.

qemu-img create -f qcow2 fedora.img 30G
qemu-system-x86_64 \
    -enable-kvm \
    -cpu host \
    -device virtio-vga-gl,xres=1920,yres=1080 \
    -m 8G \
    -smp 4 \
    -display dbus,gl=on \
    -cdrom Fedora-Workstation.iso \
    -hda fedora.img \
    -boot d

and then to run the test widget

meson setup build
cd build